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Wanda’s Invitation

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? 

I turn 60 this year – not easy for me to believe!

My 2021 goal is to be able to complete a sprint triathlon this fall: a 750 m swim, then a 20 km bike and, finally, a 5 km run.

Wanda and her daughters, Vida and Liah

I’ve participated in a sprint triathlon twice before, but a few years ago. I want to prove to myself that I can still do it at 60. And, I know myself. Without a specific goal, I won’t get out there and push my body to keep in shape and do more cardo. I need to keep myself fit so I can enjoy hanging out with my daughters and young grandsons for many more years to come! (When we’re allowed to do that, of course…)

The only birthday gift I’ve asked of my daughters is that they participate with me.

And, I would like to invite you too – not to do a sprint triathlon – but to take this lemon that the pandemic has given us and make it into lemonade!

With all the discussions leading up to the launching of the 60 million steps Challenge, I’ve felt pushed to be more active myself. I’ve done more outdoor activities this winter than I have in a long time. I’m out almost every day: running, walking, skiing, snowshoeing – and even tobogganing!

Chantal has cross-country skied 20 times. Anne, who plans to qualify for the Boston Marathon, runs even when it’s -25˚ C. Each story has made me ask myself: If these women can do it, why can’t I?

Join me as you walk, run, ski, skate around the world. Let’s take 60 million steps together for 60 million girls.

99% of your donation, as always, goes directly to the projects we support. This year, it’s our Adolescent Girls’ Education Fund. We know that adolescent girls are the ones most impacted by the pandemic. We can’t afford to have them drop out of school. We need to be there for them.

Sign up for the Challenge today and take those extra steps to change your world and theirs! To sign up, click here.

Wanda Bedard



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