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You may wonder how 60 million girls selects the educational projects it sponsors for girls in developing countries. Are we led by our heads or by our hearts? Actually, both are involved.

In fact, it is the result of a very demanding process based on a number of criteria that reflect the mission and values of the Foundation. In September of each year, the committee responsible for evaluating the submissions issues a request for proposals to a selection of Canadian charitable organizations supporting educational initiatives in developing countries.

Each organization submits its proposal using a standard template and responds to very specific questions on the issues and challenges faced by the young girls selected for the project, the goals and expected results, the indicators that will be used to measure success, the project’s duration and completion schedule and associated costs. The organization must also submit detailed financial statements, samples of project tracking and status reports, and any other documents pertinent to the submission.

The committee then performs a detailed analysis of each submission and rates them against a weighted grid of pre-determined criteria. Consideration is given to the vulnerability of the young girls affected by the project as well as community involvement and other factors.

Once the evaluation phase is completed, the list of selected projects is presented to the Foundation’s Executive Committee. The selected project or projects are then announced to the friends and supporters of the Foundation in order to plan for the fundraising campaign.

Through this demanding selection process, the Foundation chooses its initiatives with integrity and fairness in order to ensure they will truly benefit the future development of young girls.