Our projects

Our objective is to support, on an annual basis, at least two major education projects ($100,000 each and more) targeting the most vulnerable and marginalized girls in the most impoverished countries with the greatest gender disparity in school enrolment in partnership with Canadian charitable organizations that support educational initiatives in developing countries.

The project can take many forms: school construction, teacher training, providing supplies, fees or equipment, supporting activities which will increase girls’ access to school (water projects, daycare, adolescent classes), community support programs, etc.

The projects must not discriminate or restrict access based on religion, race, socio-economic factors or ability to pay. At least 50% of students enrolled must be female. The curriculum may not support a religious, racial or political point of view. The program must be child-friendly.

Past Projects

2017 Tanzania Sierra Leone 2016 Sierra Leone 2015 Uganda Nicaragua 2014 Afghanistan Kenya 2013 Ethiopia Kenya 2012 Indonesia Uganda Democratic Republic of Congo 2011 Sierra Leone Côte d’Ivoire Kenya and Malawi 2010 India Uganda 2009 Zimbabwe Honduras 2008 Afghanistan Kenya 2007 Kenya 2006 Zambia

Selection Process

You may wonder how 60 million girls selects the educational projects it sponsors for girls in developing countries. Are we led by our heads or by our hearts? Actually, both are involved. In fact, it is the result of a very demanding process based on a number of criteria that reflect the mission and values […]