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Executive Committee


Laurence Assouline

As a teacher and mother of three I believe in education. In my opinion, there is no doubt that the development of a society goes hand in hand with the education of its girls. When I attended the first 60 million girls conference, I was struck by the integrity, passion and optimism of that evening’s message. I knew that I had to become involved in the foundation since it shares so many of my values. With 60 million girls, I feel privileged to be part of something important: taking action for girls’ education. When we offer girls an education, we offer them a better future.

neginNegin Atashband 

My interest in Fine Arts led me to work in graphic arts and presently as a project director in the field of continuing medical education. When Wanda Bedard proposed to put my graphic art talents to the support of girls’ education through the 60 million girls Foundation, I accepted right away. My determination to defend such a cause has today become a true passion for me.

chantalcChantal Carrier

I was already involved with two organizations which have for objective to educate children in developing countries. Joining 60 million girls was thus quite easy, especially since the foundation is aimed specifically at educating girls, a cause that is close to my heart as a woman and mother of a girl. I sincerely believe that education is key to breaking the poverty cycle for these children.

Louise Dyotte

After serving as vice president in my family’s business, I chose to pursue a career with UNICEF. I worked for many years as manager of various programs with this charitable organization, work that reflected a true social commitment on my part. Working with the 60 million girls Foundation fulfills my desire to continue to contribute to a better society.

Ariane Émond

We know that the fate of the planet is in our hands. The quality of life of those who come after us depends, from this point on, on our will, our creativity and the means which we will use, locally and internationally, as citizens, women and men, young and old, from the rich countries as well as from the poorer countries of the world. Women comprise half of the world. We can no longer do without their intelligence, their imagination and their talents. The basis for their contribution remains education, that of girls being a priority, too often left aside in the accession to knowledge, understanding and the power to effect change… This is why I have chosen to support the 60 million girls Foundation. We need you who believe in the potential of women.

Vida Fereydoonzad

Contributing some of my time and talents to help the 60 million girls Foundation puts my life into perspective, showing me that there’s more to life than what directly affects me. My mother, Wanda Bedard, opened my eyes to a whole new world and allowed me to participate in this adventure of spreading awareness of the importance of educating girls. These young women have the potential to develop their talents and contribute to a better tomorrow. Age, gender, culture, or any type of diversity adds to the power each of us has to help a cause we believe in. We have the wealth of knowledge to make a difference.

Debbie Frail

I had been a supporter of 60 million girls for several years, and was always extremely impressed with the work done by this group of dedicated volunteers to improve the lives of young girls throughout the world. When the opportunity to take a more active role on the team was presented, I was thrilled to become more involved. I am a firm believer that education provides the necessary foundation to help girls develop into intelligent, independent and empowered women, and want to contribute to making a positive change for young women around the globe.

paula_gallagherPaula Gallagher

A very fortunate path led me to a decade of volunteer work with UNICEF BC. There, I had the privilege of meeting many, many wonderful people, learning a plethora of new skills, and finding my passion, providing assistance and hope to the world’s most underserved children. With UNICEF, I travelled at my own expense to view multiple projects in Cambodia, Mozambique and Namibia, reinforcing my desire to help. In Mozambique, I met Wanda Bedard, whose path I would fortuitously cross again with the 60 million girls Foundation. I am thrilled to be volunteering for this organization! 

Tanya Guyatt

My interest in development, education and gender equality began as a political science student at Western University and was reinforced by my studies in International Affairs at Columbia University. I believe strongly in giving back as a volunteer and I am thrilled to be a part of the 60 million girls Foundation. Research unambiguously shows that educating children, especially girls, makes a significant difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities. I write the blog and manage the Foundation’s presence on Facebook, to spread the word about the importance of education for all children, including the world’s most vulnerable and marginalized, most often girls, refugees, the handicapped and children living in rural areas.

lucienne_losierLucienne Losier

Upon graduating from university, many years ago, I spent some time in West Africa to test one of my dreams: to work in international development. What a shock! I realized that I wasn’t ready at that time to work in such a chaotic environment. My professional life turned towards the arts. Now, in retirement, I have come full circle to support development work in line with my feminist values. Being a volunteer with 60 million girls means helping give girls in developing countries the tools for their future.

Roxane Pressoir

A society that values education for all is more tolerant and open-minded. From my point of view, it’s the best way to promote peace in the world. In my teaching, I try to educate my students on the importance of a good education and I remind them that they are very fortunate to live in a country where all children – boys and girls – can go to school. It is a privilege to be part of the 60 million girls’ team of committed and dedicated volunteers.

Anne Quintal

Because I am keenly aware of the importance of education for children, I am thrilled to work with this dynamic group of women, who are committed to achieving the Foundation’s mission. It is a mission in which I believe deeply. Through its support of outstanding education projects that offer practical solutions, the Foundation provides girls the opportunity to improve their living conditions and the hope for a better future. I feel privileged to be able to contribute.

Naheed Rizvi

As I watch my children learn and thrive at school, I am aware what a privilege education. Every child should have the same opportunity. Education is the surest path to a bright future. Each individual should try to make a difference in this world. Being part of a foundation dedicated to supporting education projects for girls allows me to contribute, in my own way, to ensuring as many girls as possible have the same chance.

Tina Shah

I was raised in Zambia. As such, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of education to help reduce poverty and improve people’s standard of living. I was lucky enough to be born into a family that believed in and supported my education, which today is the foundation of my life. Volunteering for 60 million girls is my way to give back, to support change for girls around the world, and to create opportunities for education that will transform lives and communities.

Lesley Stewart

As a teacher, I believe in the value of education. I am convinced that educating girls provides long-term results on the health, well-being and prosperity of a family, a community and a country. With the 60 million girls Foundation, I feel involved and can contribute to improving our society. Our goal is to support programs that target girls’ education in the most impoverished countries. These help to reduce the inequalities between girls and boys. By working with the Foundation, I feel that I am part of the solution.

Roberta Thomson

As an educator who has worked with people of varying abilities across the lifespan, I have a passion to facilitate learning and empowerment of individuals through the use of technology in accessible learning environments. After hearing Wanda Bedard, the founder of 60 million girls, speak on two different occasions within one week, I felt an urge to become more involved. Being part of the R&D team offers me an opportunity to support the efforts to reduce barriers for girls’ education in many marginalized parts of the world. I believe that in removing these obstacles, we improve outcomes for all., a passionate volunteer force and a strong conviction of making a difference in the lives of hundreds of young girls.