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Technical specs


What is required to set up a Mobile Learning Lab?

The 60 million girls Foundation’s Mobile Learning Lab is an offline source of educational materials that are fun for children to use and inexpensive to set up.

Components of a Mobile Learning Lab

  1. Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning (RACHEL)

The RACHEL is a portable plug-and-play server which stores educational websites and applications, and makes that content available over a local (offline) wireless connection. It is the size of a small plate, and can hold up to 1 TB of open source, high quality, offline content. Each RACHEL can connect to up to 50 devices and can be powered by either electricity (if available) or solar power. Visit World Possible for more information on the user experience, content that is currently uploaded onto the RACHEL and how to customize content for the local context, as well as purchasing and support information.

  1. User devices (tablets, computers or smartphones)

A high-quality tablet is more robust than a computer, is easier to store securely, and is less expensive. However, partners have also used laptops to connect to the RACHEL. Smartphones provide another option as they are widely available. The small screen size, however, is more limiting for a full learning experience.

  1. Solar charging panels (optional)

If there is no electricity available, partners can source solar panels locally.

  1. Headsets (optional)

Headsets can help a child focus on their learning, especially if the MLL is set up in a learning centre where multiple units will be operating at the same time and the noise level is high.

For answers to technical questions we have encountered in the past, please see our FAQ.