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Walking our way around the world

In early February, we set up our 60 million step Challenge. Unable to see family and friends, we knew that the pandemic was taking a toll on our collective mental health, as well as our physical health. Our goal was to build a community to motivate us to get outside and stay active during the winter.

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At the same time, we created the Adolescent Girls’ Education Fund, a fund that will assist girls in developing countries who are most deeply affected by the pandemic. We want to put forward measures to assure their return to school. In joining our Challenge, you will support this fund.

Since the start of our 60 million step Challenge, our “athletes” have taken over 9 million steps, taking us from Montreal to Central America where we have supported education projects in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. We have now crossed the Atlantic (in a speed boat!) and are walking to each of our projects on the African continent.

Our Challenge participants have walked, skied, snowshoed, skated, run and hiked during the coldest and darkest months of the year. Along with the weekly tally, we’ve posted our accomplishments, shared new ideas for activities and supported each other’s efforts.

On a personal level, I have met my target of 10,000 steps and 30 minutes of cardio each day since we started. When it was bitterly cold, or dark, or I was just feeling too lazy to go outside, the thought of my “companions” gave me the extra nudge I needed to get outside. Thank you!

This winter, I’ve done more cross-country skiing, walking and snowshoeing than ever before. Over the past two months, my resting heart rate has improved and I feel more energized. I’m in better shape and better able to face my ultimate goal of participating in a sprint triathlon this fall – my objective as I turn 60 this summer.

Now that it’s warmer, it’s easier for all of us to be active in many different ways. Please join our Challenge with your $100 donation and add your steps to our journey. You’ll really enjoy the companionship of the other team members on our dedicated private Facebook page. Our blogs will give you a glimpse of the projects we’ve supported together, as well as some information on each country we visit and hiking trails to dream of at each stop.

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Your steps will help you reach your personal health goals and support adolescent girls overcome one of the biggest challenges to their education. That’s a winning combination!

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Wanda Bedard

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