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October 2021

Our 2021 virtual conference

Celebrating 15 years supporting girls’ education!

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We all know that anything long-lasting and of deep importance, like ensuring a quality education for girls, doesn’t happen overnight. The 60 million girls Foundation was established in 2006 to reach that the most vulnerable and marginalized girls in developing countries and provide them with access to a basic quality education.

The ability to invest $3,650,000 in 33 projects in 22 countries supporting more than 70,000 children did not happen overnight. It was a community-based, organic evolution started by a small group of women. We went forward step by step: raising funds, finding the best projects and partners, ensuring accountability, learning about what works best in girls’ education, visiting projects in the field and creating new approaches to improve content for students with our Mobile Learning Lab – without hiring staff or spending fees. We are a completely volunteer-run organization so that more than 99% of the donations we receive go directly to the projects we support.

Join us on Thursday, November 4th at 5 pm EST, for our virtual conference. We will share a retrospective of our 15 years of work supporting girls’ education and present the projects we are funding this year that specifically target adolescent girls who are the most impacted by the pandemic. The 30-minute conference will be shown via Zoom and will be followed by a short Q&A session with Wanda Bedard, 60 million girls’ president and founder.

Join us on Thursday, November 4th. We look forward to celebrating with you! And, don’t forget to share this event with your friends and colleagues!
Thank you for your support and belief in the transformative impact of girls’ education!

Our 60 million step Challenge

Our 60 million step Challenge, begun in early February, is almost at an end. We left Montreal and “travelled” to Central America, then Africa and, finally, Asia where we are now. We are heading to our final destination in Indonesia.

It’s been a long journey but a very rewarding one as we have looked back at the many education projects that we have supported over the past 15 years. Our projects have taken many forms: school construction, teacher training, providing supplies, fees or equipment, supporting activities that will increase girls’ access to school (water projects, daycares, adolescent classes), community support programs, to name a few. With your help, we have continued to find innovative and concrete ways to increase access to education and improve the quality of education for children, especially girls, in developing countries.

To read more about our projects, click here.

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