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December 2023

What gift can be more transformative and long lasting than girls’ education?

As the year comes to a close, the 60 million girls team is celebrating the amazing work accomplished in 2023 and the support obtained to fund our three new projects in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guatemala. We take great pride in the positive impact we are having on girls’ education across the globe and the continued growth of our organization.

We have expanded our network of supporters across Canada and we were thrilled to have met many of you in person at our luncheon events last summer and fall in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

The luncheons and our 2023 virtual conference gave us the opportunity to present the work we are doing with our international partners to integrate climate action into education projects to better tackle climate change.

If you missed our November 2nd conference, you can view the recording here:

Working hand in hand with McGill University

November was a busy month as 60 million girls also helped organize and coordinate an inter-university conference at McGill University on November 17th with Associate Professor of Economics Sonia Laszlo and our partner Embrace International. The conference brought together NGOs and researchers from McGill, Université Laval and Carleton University who were interested in learning about our latest initiatives in support of girls’ education in the global South.

Watch some of the presentations here:

The Mobile Learning Lab by Wanda Bedard of the 60 million girls Foundation

Inclusive E-Learning for Rural Ugandan Youth by Bev Carrick of Embrace International


Transforming the Lives of Children through Effective Childhood Education in Africa by Catherine Michaud-Leclerc of Université de Laval


Community Based Approaches to Improve Education (Unpacking the Impact) by Ardyn Nordstrom of Carleton University


Early Childhood Interventions and Parental Investment in the Skill Formation Process by Fernando Saltiel of McGill University


Increasing Gen Z engagement

In addition to McGill faculty, McGill alumni are also staunch supporters of 60 million girls! In the coming months, the amazing team of JED Consulting, a student-run consulting firm based out of McGill University, will help us better understanding how Gen Z sees philanthropy and how we can best tap into their important skills and support.

Hacking for good

And—big drum roll! —we have been selected as JED For the Community’s inaugural partner on a major initiative: a multidisciplinary hackathon at McGill in March 2024. Our goal is to develop a prototype for one of the first offline educational climate action video games designed specifically for children in the developing world. The final game will be uploaded into 60 million girls’ network of Mobile Learning Labs (MLL), accessible by more than 100,000 students in developing countries.

So whether you are a student or have already started your career in education, international development, computer science, public policy or other discipline—or you just want to hack for good in March—let us know or share the word!

NGOs in the areas of international development and the environment as well as businesses in the IT and gaming sectors will also be joining us to get quality information about climate action directly into the hands of those children most at risk from global warming. Girls’ education and climate action can change our world!

Celebrating our partners’ work

In 2019, 60 million girls provided funding to Crossroads International to introduce Mobile Learning Labs (MLLs) in five schools in Tsévié, Togo. The MLL technology was chosen to support a school-based human rights education initiative targeting girls 8-17 years old at risk of early marriage, pregnancy or trafficking.

Building on the success of the Togo initiative, Crossroads International is now at work in Senegal where 15 MLLs equipped with 225 digital tablets have been implemented. The aim of this project in the Kedougou region of Senegal is to raise awareness and improve the health and sexual and reproductive rights of 30,000 young people aged 10 to 19, who have limited access to healthcare and education due to the region’s poverty.

60 million girls is thrilled to see that our impact is not only limited to the projects we fund. We work with partners such as Crossroads International who share our belief that access to technology can help improve the quality of education and create a safe space where girls can pursue an education, assert their rights and participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

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