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October 2019

Our annual conference

SAVE THE DATE: Monday, November 11th

The impact of your generosity and caring

It may be 2019, but even in this age of technology and connectedness, many indigenous children in rural Central America have little access to a quality education. They often lack school infrastructure, textbooks, and even trained teachers. Their communities don’t have Internet and some don’t even have cellular reception.

Children in remote areas who complete their primary education often have no access to a secondary school. Instead of learning, girls get married early and boys go to work. That’s how dreams come to an end.

We partnered with Change for Children to address this imbalance. To see the impact of our projects, Josiane Farand, Vida Fereydoonzad and I travelled to Guatemala and Nicaragua in late August.

At our conference on November 11th, we’ll share the perspectives of teachers and students in these communities and we’ll tell you how our Mobile Learning Lab has made a difference in their lives.

Vivid photography by Josiane Farand will let you experience these communities for yourself – and let you see what it takes to get there. We saw the after effect of the eruption of Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala, and we took a seven-hour trip by canoe up the Rio Coco, a river straddling Honduras and Nicaragua, to get to several remote, indigenous communities.

The schools we visited may have been hard to reach, but our rewards were plentiful. It was wonderful to see the impact of 60 million girls’ investment in quality education.

Interactive learning is fun and helps children retain information

In Guatemala, we travelled with Mundo Posible – the local chapter of World Possible, the developers of the RACHEL. They introduced teachers in eight schools to new learning methods using curated content already uploaded onto the RACHEL. Their new, interactive approach has improved the quality of education.

We saw the impact of the two new technology centres we funded in the town of Comitancillo in the Western Highlands and it was amazing.

We also visited two secondary schools built in 2017 with our grant of $100,000 in two indigenous communities in Nicaragua’s Bosawàs. Having a local school makes it easier for children to complete their education. We gave teachers and students here a hand-on demonstration of the Mobile Learning Lab and, needless to say, they loved it!

It was truly wonderful to meet so many students and dedicated teachers. The impact of these new schools is inspiring.

Seeing these projects firsthand gave us a deeper understanding of the communities and their unique contexts. We experienced for ourselves how teachers are using the Mobile Learning Lab in new and innovative ways.

A deeply meaningful aspect of our trip came from feeling part of a large network of passionate individuals dedicated to making all children’s right to a quality education a reality.

Change requires partnership and it gives us hope for the future knowing that so many talented education, technology and development specialists are working together to find a way to provide a quality education for children in remote areas.

We invite you to join us on November 11th at the BAnQ to see Josiane Farand’s magnificent photos and to hear how your generosity created new opportunities for children in these remote communities.

We’ll also share concerns such as the dramatic effect of climate change and its impact on daily life.

Please let us show you the beauty of these countries, as well as the enchanting smiles and big dreams of the children.

See how your generosity has created a real impact

Your gift helps children improve their learning through up-to-date, interactive digital content adapted to specific local needs in well-constructed safe school spaces – even in the most remote and difficult-to-reach communities.

On November 11th, let us tell you just what your generosity has enabled 60 million girls to accomplish for thousands of children.

Take the time now to purchase your ticket and see for yourself just how much impact your investment has in these 60 million girls’ projects. If you cannot attend, please think of making a donation by clicking here.

We look forward to seeing you on November 11th!

Wanda Bedard
President, 60 million girls

Beaconsfield Golf Club Luncheon

On May 29th, we held our bi-annual luncheon at the Beaconsfield Golf Club. The weather was sunny and warm, and we enjoyed a delicious meal. Over 90 guests, including a group of students from Collège Sainte-Anne, attended to hear Wanda Bedard, our president, and Naheed Rizvi, a member of our Executive, speak about the Foundation’s work to help open the doors to a girl’s potential in the developing world. They specifically described the tremendous impact of our Mobile Learning Lab on learning outcomes in rural and remote areas of the world.

The luncheon was an unqualified success. The students presented Wanda with a donation of $1,000 and, thanks to the generosity of our guests, we raised over $23,000! Many thanks to everyone!

Our trip to Central America

To read about our fascinating trip to Central America, click here to read the blogs.


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