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Summer 2022

It is with great pleasure that 60 million girls invites you to the capstone presentations of McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy full-time and intensive Master of Public Policy (MPP) teams.

The Policy Lab assembled students into project teams to address specific policy challenges for one of eight selected sponsors, including federal government departments, non-profit organizations, foreign governments, industry associations, crown corporations and municipal governments. In a practical and relevant manner, the Policy Lab brings together the key elements of the program: the principles of policy design, the difficulty of thorough analysis, trade-offs between various stakeholders’ interests, the attention paid to partisan politics, challenges in communication, and more.

The 60 million girls case study team, comprised of Aiza Abid, Fanuel Sbhatu Gebremeskel, Sugandha Gupta, Pragya Tikku and Sumaya Ugas, presented its report on July 12th on this topic: How can girls’ education improve a country’s resilience to climate change?

60 million girls will be following the roadmap developed by the team in our project evaluation and R&D group work over the next years to help introduce climate change resilience and climate change mitigation knowledge and information in those communities most affected by the dramatic changes in weather patterns seen around the world.

To read the executive report, as well as the full report, click here.

Thank you again to the many partners who participated with the 60 million girls team to share their insights and experience in dealing with climate change in the communities in which they work.

We feel this is a critical topic and hope to help ensure that girls and women have their voices heard as they help their communities navigate the challenges ahead.

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