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October 2020

Our 2020 virtual conference

Radical Inclusion

Like many other organizations, the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to find innovative ways to implement our projects, revise our timetable, and reach out to you, our supporters.

This year, we will hold a virtual conference to tell you about our projects, why we support girls’ education, and how the pandemic is an opportunity to push for change. The 30-minute event will be a visual exploration of education – including videos from our local partners in Nicaragua, Liberia and Ghana – and a Q&A.


60 million girls focuses on girls because they continue to face the greatest barriers to education. They are more likely to be pulled out of school to care for family or do domestic chores. Too often, girls face gender-based violence or they are married off, usually when families feel that poverty and economic stress leave them with few options.

The current pandemic has compounded existing impediments to girls’ education. In fact, the Malala Fund and others estimate that even when schools re-open, 20 million girls may never return to the classroom.

Photo: Josiane Farand

Yet, perhaps this crisis has created an opportunity for radical inclusion. It is a chance to ensure that all children, regardless of gender, family income, place of birth or physical ability, can go to school and get a quality education.

As governments, schools and families explore ways to keep children learning when schools are closed, we see more creative problem solving and a new willingness to try innovative technologies and teaching methods to meet the needs of learners.

Going forward, we must keep the creative impulse at the forefront of efforts to improve the quality education for all children. And, we must break down the barriers that exclude the most marginalized children from school.

Join us on Wednesday, November 11th, at 5 pm, as we explore how innovation and creativity can drive change in education.

Three cheers for Chantal!

We are pleased to announce that, in the fall of 2019, Chantal Carrier, a 60 million girls’ volunteer, was awarded the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, which recognizes Canadians who have made a significant and sustained contribution to their community.

Chantal has been an ardent volunteer for many years in Montreal’s West Island and has enthusiastically supported several organizations. She decided to put her time and energy into West Island Community Shares, an organization that supports many groups in the West Island. For over 15 years, she has been a member and now president of the fund distribution committee, as well as a member of the executive committee.

In 2007, Chantal became involved with the parents’ association of her children’s school, Collège Sainte-Anne (CSA). Later, she went on to become a volunteer with the school’s foundation and its corporation. As a foundation member, she particularly enjoyed being part of the committee that offered bursaries to those children who could not afford to attend CSA.

60 million girls is particularly fortunate to count Chantal amongst its volunteers. After being recruited by a friend in a grocery store, Chantal has worked tirelessly for the Foundation for the past 15 years. She is a member of the management and executive committees, as well as a member of the fundraising team. Using her many networks, Chantal has been able to find the support or skills we have needed at crucial moments in the development of the Foundation. Her insight, experience and business acumen have made a deep impact on how the Foundation is structured and perceived throughout our community.

Chantal continues to give back to her community. During the recent pandemic, she worked as an aide in a CHSLD, a long-term care residence for seniors. There is no doubt that Chantal deserves the prestigious Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. Congratulations, Chantal!

Social media for good

Did you know that 60 million girls has a blog and is active on social media? One of our objectives is to help you stay informed about current events in global development and education. We post stories you may not find in Canadian news outlets, as well as current research on best practices in education technology. Plus, all posts are from reliable sources so you know that what you’re reading is true.

COVID has caused so many changes in education across the globe, so it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with everything going on. The global pandemic has highlighted how interconnected we are – as well as the clear disparities that exist within and between countries. Some of our posts will tell you about how COVID has affected individuals and communities, while others look at policy solutions.

For example, we’ve posted about a new UNESCO survey that looks at how countries have approached remote learning, and we’ve posted about education events at this year’s virtual UN General Assembly. We’ve also told our followers about the mounting costs of COVID and how girls and women are fighting back against child marriage. No matter what sort of education and development updates you like, you’ll find them on our social media feeds.

When you follow our social media posts, you’ll also stay up to date with 60 million girls events and you’ll know where we are funding education projects, and why.

Our blog gives you researched and fact-based stories that are relevant to current events in education. For example, we’ve written about the impact of COVID on our projects, why it’s so important to reach communities in Nicaragua that are so remote they have no electricity or Internet connectivity, and why girls’ education is one of the key ingredients to a better quality of life.

You can check out our blog here. In addition, of course, we post new blog updates on our social media feeds.

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for up-to-date information on global developments in education, EdTech and 60 million girls events.

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