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Max Bell Students and 60 million girls

McGill University’s Max Bell School of Public Policy class is comprised of outstanding and diverse individuals from around the world. This year, a group of Max Bell students chose 60 million girls to write up a public policy statement, part of their course work.

Here are some of the reasons they chose the 60 million girls Foundation as the focus of their work:

Nayantara: “Education is a human right that should be directed to the full development of human potential. Given that technology is the pen and paper of our time, it is of crucial importance to incorporate it into basic formal education. 60 million girls recognizes these realities. Their mission compelled me to work on the 60 million girls project, and contribute to solutions that will allow all children, especially girls in remote areas, an opportunity to realize their aspirations and achieve their potential.”

YHHS: A student shows her new uniform and school supplies.

Sarah“I have an MBA and currently a candidate for the Master of Public Policy program 2021 at the Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University. Working with civil society institutions and government has deepened my concern for improving the quality of life for financially and socially excluded communities. The 60 million girls project provide me with an opportunity to deliver a cost-effective model using technology as a tool for access to education, especially for girls, in remote areas. I also seek to enhance the collective role of government, private sector, and civil society institutions in community engagement and socio-economic development of remote areas.”

Gulrukh: “Being a female from a developing country like Pakistan, I am quite familiar with the kind of challenges that 60 million girls wishes to overcome. 60 million girls’ mission to reduce gender disparity in educational opportunities, within developing countries, truly resonates with my own intrinsic values. This factor served as a pivotal driving force in my decision to opt for working on the 60 million girls Policy Lab and I look forward to learning more about how innovative technologies can be leveraged to ensure equal access to quality education for young girls in remote communities.”

Mavambo Trust: The Mobile Learning Lab is key to ensuring out-of-school learners’ success.

Gina: “60 million girls is a great example of how the world is progressing on the gender agenda and the promotion of access to quality education in remote areas. I decided to get involved in this challenge because I believe that innovative intervention models as the Mobile Learning Lab can establish a successful precedent of how communities-led initiatives can leverage technological solutions in order to give children, especially girls, the opportunity of a better future. As a team, we aim to work on a scalable model that, under collaborative schemes with governments, could be replicated in other developing regions making a greater impact.”

James: “What drew me to 60 million girls was its emphasis on educating young women, many of whom will themselves be the primary educators of the generation following them. In the mind of the world, the education of girls must shift from being an afterthought to a priority. I admire 60MG for pursuing this shift.”

60 million girls is looking forward to receiving the report that the Max Bell students will deliver this summer.


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