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2020 virtual conference 

The Future of Education is Radical Inclusion

Like many other organizations, the coronavirus pandemic forced us to find innovative ways to implement our projects, revise our timetable, and reach out to you, our supporters.

This year, for the first time, we held a virtual conference – one in English and another in French. We were immensely pleased with the response. We welcomed registrants from across Canada, as well as the United States, England, Denmark, Spain, Pakistan, South Africa, Peru and Guatemala.

The 30-minute event explained why we focus on girls’ education and explored how education has morphed from its early days of rote learning to now. A more interactive model has proven to be more meaningful and impactful for students.

Because of school closures, governments, schools and families continue to explore ways to keep children learning. We have seen creative problem solving and a new willingness to try innovative technologies and teaching methods to meet the needs of learners.

Our Mobile Learning Lab (MLL) is just such an innovation – one that offers access to quality education materials to the most remote communities – with or without electricity or the Internet. Testimonials by our three 2020 partners in Nicaragua, Liberia and Ghana showed how the MLL will allow them to offer quality education material to their students, even during a pandemic. The webinar also featured a short video that introduced girls from the MWEDO Girls Secondary School in Tanzania who talked about how the MLL has allowed them to learn and dream about a better future.

At the end of the conference, Wanda Bedard, our president and founder, held a Q&A session, answering questions about the Foundation, our projects and the MLL.

Thank you to all who participated. We hope that you enjoyed our first virtual conference.

However, if you happened to miss our webinar, you can watch it here.

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