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An amazing and inspiring piece appeared in The Huffington Post on Thursday, September 6th about the relationship between education and land ownership. (You can read the entire post here!)

Here is a summary:

The estimated 67 million children worldwide who will never enroll in school are the poorest of the poor.  For their families, sending their children to school means fewer hands helping the family at home – and that’s just not possible.

Most often, the children kept out of school are girls.

But a innovative new program is helping poor, rural families in India use the kitchen gardens they’ve planted and nurtured on their family’s new small plot of land to grow a better future for their daughters.

State governments across India, in partnership with an international global development organization called Landesa, are providing the poorest of the poor with titles to plots.  On such micro-plots, families are obtaining their own address, building a house and are planting fruits and vegetables to boost family nutrition.  They are also selling the excess fruits and vegetables at market, which provides the family with extra income. And more families are using these meager reserves to send their children — including their daughters — to school.

Research has indicated that children whose parents — especially mothers — have secure rights to the land they farm, enroll in school earlier, have better educational outcomes and stay in school longer.


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