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It’s the end of the Canadian school year, and many of us will celebrate our children’s teachers to thank them for their dedication throughout the school year.

Why not help teachers in the developing world as well? It feels great to give, and your contribution to the 60 million girls Foundation will support students (and teachers) in Uganda and Nicaragua this year.

Even better, each dollar donated in June as part of the Giving Challenge can help us win $10,000 to put towards our projects.


At the end of this school year we have been reflecting on a key fact: a quality education depends on trained teachers.

Yet, UNESCO estimates that in sub-Saharan Africa just half of teachers are trained. This can make learning difficult, especially when combined with large class sizes. In some countries, there are often as many as eighty children in a class.

Moreover, the need for teachers is increasing as population and school enrolment rise, and the UNESCO Institute of Statistics estimates that developing countries will need 3.4 million new teachers by 2030, in addition to the normal attrition rate, to see all children get a quality, primary education.


60 million girls tries to supplement classroom learning by offering schools offline learning materials like KA Lite, a math and science tutorial, to support children whose access to books (and trained teachers) is limited. Click here for more information on our pilot project in Sierra Leone or view this map and click on Sierra Leone in West Africa, to see what we are doing.

Your contribution to the 60 million girls Foundation will support students (and teachers).

Simply click here to give.

The students and their teachers will thank you!


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