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Mark November 7th on your calendar

balloon_PNG4954We are pleased to invite you to our annual conference – a big celebration of our 10 years as 60 million girls!

Without you, we couldn’t have achieved any of our milestones: $2.4 million invested in 20 projects in 14 countries helping over 20,000 children! From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from South America to East Asia, we have touched the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized girls and boys: children in aboriginal communities, HIV/AIDS orphans, handicapped children, those living in isolated rural villages and areas dealing with the far-reaching consequences of climate change, girls facing discrimination because of caste or ethnicity, children in war-torn countries, and, of course, those living daily in extreme poverty.

Join us to celebrate what we have been able to accomplish together. It takes an amazing team of volunteers, many generous donors and wonderful partners in the field to ensure that our transformative girls’ education projects become a reality. It takes YOU!

Join us to learn more about our innovative orientation that uses self-directed computer-based learning. Try out the RACHEL Raspberry Pi and enjoy the fun, informative, interesting and interactive content that students will enjoy. Its 400 GB capacity – the equivalent of 80,000 books or over 3,000 hours of video – all fits in an amazingly tiny, inexpensive package.

And, please, bring a friend! 60 million girls is one of the best-kept secrets in Montreal. Though small and completely volunteer-run, we partner with many world-class organizations and institutions around the world to re-think girls’ education. We need the skills, talents and support of so many people to make this happen on an ever-increasing scale. We need you and your friends!

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, November 7th, at 6 pm!

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Can you help us?

As part of our research project in Sierra Leone, we must track the thousands of students who will use the Learning Centres over the yearlong intervention period. To do this, we must be able to accurately identify the children who will participate in the study.

In order to accomplish this, we feel that fingerprint tracking would work best. If you know of such software or hardware, or if you know of someone who might be able to help us out, please let us know at

We also need a developer-programmer who can help us download our household surveys, as well as the literacy and math tests using Open Data Kit (ODK) on notebook computers or tablets. Please contact Wanda at if you are able to help us.

Thank you!

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