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The United Nations has declared October 11, 2012 as the world’s first International Day of the Girl Child.

This day will make a difference in the lives of girls and young women as citizens and as powerful voices of change in their families, their communities and their nations.  It will promote equal treatment and opportunities for girls around the world in areas such as law, nutrition, health care, education, training, and freedom from violence and abuse.

As Canadians, we are especially proud that the honorary ambassador for this day, Alaina Podmorow, is a Canadian teen from Kelowna, BC!

Alaina was only 9 years old when she decided she wanted to help girls in Afghanistan.

Her mom, Jamie, had taken her to a lecture by Canadian journalist and human-rights activist Sally Armstrong. It opened Alaina’s eyes to human-rights injustices against girls and women in Afghanistan that had continued despite the overthrow of the Taliban in 2001.

“I’ve always been passionate about school and having the chance to get an education. Hearing these girls didn’t have the same chance … I felt it was my responsibility to stand up and say this can’t happen any more,” says Alaina.

6 years later, her charity, Little Women for Little Women in Afghanistan, has raised almost $400,000 toward education and literacy programs in that country.

We can’t think of anything more inspiring.

How to promote the International Day of the Girl Child where you live:

Send a postcard, through the Status of Women Canada website.

Watch for speakers or programs that relate to International Day of the Girl.  (We’ve got one coming up on November 8th, in Montreal!)

Learn more about the issues facing girls by reading a book or watching a documentary, film or television program about girls.

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