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The Victoria Times Colonist ran a great piece today about a Nelly Furtado, who’s involvement in the building of a secondary school in Maasai Mara, Kenya, inspired a documentary called “Nelly Furtado: The Road to Kisaruni.”

Her trip to Kenya was with the non-profit volunteer arts organization Artbound, who are associated with Free The Children.

Only 5% of girls who live in the Maasai Mara region have the opportunity to attend high school.  60 million Girls partnered with Free the Children in 2007 to construct an 8 one-room furnished school building, to offer a complete 8 grade primary school education to the children of the community.  It also specifically addressed some of the main constraints that girls in the region face to enroll in school.

Furtado will be performing in Toronto on September 27th with the Kenyan Boys Choir, who appear in the film.



“Nelly Furtado: The Road to Kisaruni” airs on CTV on Saturday at 7pm.

Read the full article in the Times Colonist here.

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