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Goodwill towards all everywhere: Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto, Sherbrooke...

I am so very deeply touched by the great generosity pouring out from every city, town and village across the country as Canadians gear up to receive refugees in great numbers. This is us at our best: sharing the great fortune so many of us have by the simple fact of having been born in the right country at the right time.

Your generous support to 60 million girls, which helps to nourish the dreams of vulnerable children around the world, is a part of that same deep-seated kindness. Every child has the right to an education, and your contribution helps to expand lives, develop talents and strengthen communities, which ultimately bring equality, democracy and peace for everyone a step closer.

None of us ever chooses where we are born: into peace and democracy or into war and tyranny. It is the lottery of life. Yet, as we hear the refugees’ stories, we realize that most fundamental fact that we are all the same. We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons wanting to fulfill ourselves, use our talents in ways that make us feel good, enjoy life, be safe and, above all, protect those we love.

Tie-Dye-Knit-ScarfEach gesture – a coat given, a scarf knitted, each offer of volunteer support, pro-bono services, being a friend, opening up a room, a home, sharing a meal – transforms our gratitude into something very tangible: to give what we hope we would be given if ever the roles were reversed.

My pride and absolute conviction that we, as a Foundation and as a country, are doing the right thing are unshakeable. Thank you for your support, for being the amazing person you are. The world needs you.

Wanda Bedard
President, 60 million girls Foundation

Why give to the 60 million girls Foundation?
By Tanya Guyatt

giftWe know that there are many worthy causes and many options open for you when considering which charities to support. We know what a tough choice it can be. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of what the 60 million girls Foundation has to offer.

Education creates change

First of all, we know that investing in education, especially for girls, has an important impact on all development initiatives. From economics, to health to social progress and political leadership, girls’ education is one of the most effective tools to work toward real, lasting, change. To read more…

Our 10th annual conference
By Lesley Stewart

WhatKBC 2 a brilliant way to celebrate our 10th annual conference! It began with a stunning and moving performance by the Kenyan Boys Choir. This was followed by our president’s address. Wanda Bedard described the Foundation’s many activities and achievements over the past nine years and this year in particular.

Craig 20151124-303

Then, we listened to our keynote speaker, Craig Kielburger. A passionate and motivating child rights activist, Craig traced the transformation of Free The Children over the last two decades. To read more…


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