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Each January, 60 million Girls chooses the organizations we will fundraise for during the year.

We are proud to announce the three incredible organizations we will be supporting with our efforts throughout 2012.

1. Handicap International

This project will provide access to education for handicapped girls and boys in the Indonesian region of Nusa Tenggara Barat. Handicap International (HI) will work with local partners: HI Indonesia and two other organizations that offer aid to handicapped women and to the parents of handicapped children.

Handicapped girls and women lose their intrinsic “value” in the eyes of their families and find themselves rejected and sent to live with distant relatives. Handicapped children remain hidden, becoming invisible in their communities. For handicapped girls, the situation is even worse.

The project’s goals are threefold. First, the project will offer handicapped girls and boys, presently not attending school, access to education. A second goal is to keep these children in school with the involvement of the girls’ mothers, parents in general and the teachers. The third goal is to promote and reinforce leadership skills and participation of handicapped girls in order to ensure their chances of success in school.

398 handicapped girls and boys in 8 inclusive schools will benefit from this program.

2. The Stephen Lewis Foundation

This project works to support girls orphaned by AIDS in the rural southwestern district of Uganda.

It will work with local partners the Nyaka AIDS Foundation, who provide mentorship, love, safety, medicine, nutritious meals and counselling for children affected by AIDS, as well as nurse visits to homes, education sessions on HIV/AIDS prevention, and access to clean water.

The project will provide quality primary care education, uniforms, textbooks, stationery, sanitary napkins etc. as well as two nutritious meals daily for students at the Nyaka AIDS Orphans School and at the Kutamba AIDS Orphans School. It will provide free basic healthcare to all students and their families, individual and family counseling, and physical education to the students. It will support a school garden program that will supplement the school meal program, and goats, who will be used for milk for the students, as well as generate a sustainable income. It will also support the community AIDS Education and Outreach program, to help deal with feelings of loss and grief and raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and prevention efforts. And it will provide voluntary HIV testing.

55% of the 462 students are girls orphaned by AIDS, who are dealing with the trauma of their loss without their basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, health care and education being met. Some girls are HIV positive. Some are cared for by their grandmothers.

Nyaka’s model is being replicated internationally, as the organization is on the cutting edge of the grassroots response to HIV in Uganda.

3. War Child Canada

This project will work to build a better future for vulnerable female youth, living in poor and violent conditions in the Fizi district, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Working in partnership with the Fédération des Femmes pour le Développement (FFD) and Radio Baraka, the program will increase educational participation and school retention rates for female youth. It will assist these youth to participate in accelerated learning and functional literacy, will work to reduce violence and teach self-protection, and will also fight exploitation and gender-based discrimination in these communities. Through radio and journalism projects, it will also increase community leadership roles taken on by female youth.

285 girls, 159 boys and 21 teachers will benefit from this program.

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