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Choosing the projects we support is one of the most important decisions we make at the 60 million girls Foundation. We put a lot of effort into making sure that the clearly outlined project objectives meet our criteria so that the funds we raise have the greatest possible impact on children in need.

It is critical that all children have access to school. That is why all of the projects we have suported since our founding in 2006 have at least 50% girl involvement. Boys and girls alike should have equal access to the schooling that will benefit them, their families and their communities.

In 2015 we are partnering with two Canadian charities to support education for children in developing countries: The Stephen Lewis Foundation in Uganda and Change for Children in Nicaragua.

Projects with both charities will support the growth and development of secondary school-aged children who would not otherwise have the ability to continue their education past the primary level.

With your help, we will invest $100,000 in each project.



Our partnership with The Stephen Lewis Foundation will help the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project support a Vocational Secondary School in the rural district of Kanungo. We have worked with Nyaka before, building primary schools in 2012. This latest venture will allow the graduates to continue their education at the secondary level.

The vocational school will allow orphaned children, more than half of them girls, to pursue a quality secondary school education. It will actively provide the support and resources they need to stay there, offering free tuition, uniforms, counseling on reproductive health, room and board, critically important accessible daycare, and an environment that encourages and promotes their education. Pregnant girls will not be expelled – a policy that will drastically differentiate the Nyaka Vocational Secondary School from other schools in the district.



Change for Children actively works in the indigenous territory of Miskito Indian Taisbaika Kum in Bosawas. It is an extremely remote area of Nicaragua and children in the local villages only have access to a primary school.

Our investment will provide funds for labour, materials, equipment and transport to construct two secondary schools in the villages of Tuburus and Aniwas. In addition, it will also provide for curriculum development and training, and the development and delivery of an education promotion campaign to encourage girls to enter secondary school and pursue higher education. The education will also be bilingual in Spanish and the Miskito indigenous language. Currently, the the national government shows no sign of prioritizing this region for secondary education infrastructure. The local government and community members, however, actively support the school project; community buy-in is crucial for the success of any project.


We are so proud to support two wonderful projects that will provide quality secondary schooling to over 500 girls and boys.

Reaching the most vulnerable children in developing countries is a critical aspect of our mandate. We feel that both of these projects achieve this objective as girls, children in rural areas, and orphans all have reduced access to quality schooling.

We welcome your support this year to fund the secondary schools in Uganda and Nicaragua. You can give online by visiting  Just click on the Donate Now button.

Thank you.

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